False Eyelashes vs Eyelash Extensions

by Dain Yen on Jan 29, 2013

It is very common that false eyelashes get mixed up with eyelash extensions. So here are the main points that set them apart.


  1. False eyelashes only need about a minute to be applied (depending on your skill level) whereas eyelash extensions require very meticulous skills and takes at least 30 minutes to be glued on.
  2. False eyelashes do not require professional application.
  3. The glue (sold from used to apply the false eyelashes is latex based and is comletely harmless to your skin and eyelashes. The glue used by most eyelash extensionists will cause discomfort and even cause rashes in some patients upon contact with the skin.
  4. The false eyelashes can easily be removed and stored for re-use.
  5. False eyelashes are only at a fraction of the price of eyelash extensions as you do not require professional assistance to put them on.
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